Sunday, September 20, 2015

Werneth Low

I've always liked Werneth Low in Stockport for a few reasons. The view is awesome and you can see as far as Jodrell Bank to the left and Holme Moss Transmitter Station to the right. I play radio portable and mobile from up there too when I get chance as it obviously offers an excellent take off from the top of the hill. Lastly, I like the Home Office masts that are up there. I can't really find much info about them on the internet but I thought I'd share some photos.

These 2 towers could be ex Home Office masts but I can't be sure. Their primary use nowadays is for Police Airwave antennas. There is a 25w transmitter on this site that serves the area. There's a few other antennas dotted around the site which could be used for community repeaters which serve business users in the area but again due to lack of information on the site I can't be sure.

The view from the transmitter site at Werneth looks out towards Harrop Edge in Hyde. This site has a few cellular transmitters for O2, Orange and 3 aswell as GB3WP 70cm amateur repeater.

 Back to Werneth Low, the Golf Club carpark houses a mobile phone transmitter covered in all sorts of antennas. 3 and T-Mobile are the primary users but there are all sorts of white stick antennas, microwave links and folded dipoles which I can't identify.

 The scenery from Werneth Low is beautiful especially on a nice day, there are benches at the war memorial on the top of the hill which make a great location for portable radio operation.

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73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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