Saturday, September 12, 2015

4M Testing - Disappointing Results

Me and my friend Roydan M0LEX thought we'd do a bit of range testing the other day and we chose 4m analogue and 70cm DMR and analogue. I used the Wouxun KG-699E on 4m, TYT MD-380 on 70cm analogue and DMR and the Baofeng UV-82 on 70cm analogue.

Roydan used the Wouxun KG-816 pon 4m, TYT MD-380 on 70cm analogue and DMR and the Baofeng UV-5R on 70cm analogue. He also brought along his Icom E-92D.

I went to Werneth Low which is a hill in Hyde, Cheshire and Roydan went to a slightly raised area in Flixton, Manchester. The distance between us was 13.95 miles line of sight with complete visibility between us both.

For some reason the 4m test was complete waste of time. Roydan could hear me talking reasonably clear but I jsut couldn't hear him and I think it was purely down to the QRM I was receiving up on Werneth Low. Being so high above Manchester and its urban surrounds, I think his signal was just jammed by strong QRM splattered all over 4m. We're going to test it again a bit closer next time but I'm not holding out much hope.

On the other hand the TYT MD-380 did fantastic on both digital and analogue on 70cm simplex. Audio on the DMR side was extremely clear with no loss or warbling whatsoever. Analogue on 70cm was very clear too on the stock antenna.

Similar story on the Baofengs with me on the UV-82 and Roydan on the UV-5R. No issues at all at 14 miles across the city. Nice clear audio at both ends and strong signals coming across. Video here:

Thanks for reading!
73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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