Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Magmount 2.4GHz Antenna For Wireless Video Scanning

Hi guys I recently purchased a couple of what the seller calls 'SMA 2.4GHz 9DBI Wireless Wifi WLAN 5 X Range Booster Antenna Extender + Base GT' antennas off eBay. I saw these and thought I'd give them a try for wireless video scanning because they are tuned to 2.4GHz and can't be any worse than the tiny little antenna on my wireless video dongle.

It cost around £1.40 shipped from Hong Kong so no great loss if it's useless. It seems pretty well made with a rubber cap at the top, magmount base at the bottom, a few feet of coax cable and an SMA male connector which screws right into my wireless video dongle.

I'm looking forward to giving this antenna a try sometime soon to see how it performs but at £1.40 who cares!

Thanks for reading!

73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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