Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Radio & Sainsonic RST599

I sold a couple of radios lately in order to buy some others and I've ordered one and I'm pondering the other.

The one I've ordered is a long overdue Baofeng UV-82. Considered the flagship Baofeng by many operators, the UV-82 combines the hugeley successful UV-5R with better RX and TX audio quality, slightly higher power output, dual PTT, and the compatibility with most UV-5R accessories.

I've been wanting one of these for a while to add to the collection and when I saw one on eBay brand new for £22 I ordered it. They came as a pair for £44 so me and my good friend Ben 2E0GXE from InsideElectronics split the cost in half and got one each.

I can't wait for it to come this week so I can give it a test. Unboxing video to follow.

The other radio I've been looking at for quite some time is the Sainsonic RST599. This is a great looking radio with a much better screen layout which features little icons etc. It isn't like any of the other Chinese handhelds knocking about in terms of how it looks and it is also apparently submersible!

HamRadioConcepts tested this on YouTube with interesting results. Check out his review video below:

The price of this radio is around £45 delivered so I may invest in the coming weeks just to give it a try. I'm unsure on the styling of the radio however it does look very rugged and sturdy. I think the sloped buttons are a bit off putting but it's what's inside that counts I guess.

The frequency range is 136-174 on VHF and 400-520 on UHF with an impressive 240 memory channels which is double the Baofeng radios. It has 7 interchangeable backround colours (green, yellow, cyan, white, blue, purple and red) and claims to be IP67 waterpoof. Power is 1w/5w.


Dual-band, dual-frequency, dual display, dual standby
A / B-independent operating frequency
240 memory channels
Automatic Repeater Offset (ARS)
Manual repeater shift
CTCSS / DCS setting
Show CTCSS / DCS code
Priority channel scan
On password setting
7 background colors for RX / TX selectable (Green, Yellow, Cyan, White, Blue, Purple, Red)
Date and Time Setting and Display
Alarm clock setting
Auto Power Off (APO)
FM Radio
DTMF function
DTMF address
Stun and kill DTMF
Emergency alarm call
Automatic Contact & Call
Flashlight lighting
IP67 waterproof

I also noticed while flicking around the net is that the radio seems to be a copy of the Sailor SP3500 Portable Series marine handhelds by Cobham. These radios cost £400-£600 and come with all sorts of bells and whistles. See spec sheet here.

Sailor SP3500 Portables

Sailor SP3500 Portables 

Thanks for reading!

73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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