Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TYT TC-3000A 10W

I scout eBay regularly looking for new radios appearing from the far east for all the weird and wonderful creations that keep popping up. I came across the TYT (Tytera) TC-3000A tonight and it looks like a nice little radio. It claims to boast 10w output power on UHF among other features:


3600mAh polymer Li-ion Battery.
260 hours ultra long standby time.
High/Low power.
English/Chinese Voice prompt.
10W/5W power switch with side-key operation.
10 Watt ultra-high output power.
Computer programmable.
Voice companding function.
Bandwidth select (12.5/25kHz).
Battery save function.
1750Hz tone.
Squelch adjustment function.
End-tone elimination.
Receiving alarm.
Side-key assignment.
Low-battery alert.
Busy channel lock.


Total Length: Approx: 1m (I hope not??).
Weight: 40g (Again, hope not!).

Package contents:

1x Portable Radio.
2x Antenna (High gain antenna and common antenna).
1x Polymer Li-ion Battery Pack.
1x Charger.
1x Belt Clip.
1x User´s Manual.
1x USB Programming Cable.
1x CD.

They look like good little radios, I'll wait to see some reviews or YouTube videos before I spend £45-£50 though!

Thanks for reading!

73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.