Monday, March 2, 2015

Baofeng UV-5X: UV-5R Re-Clothed?

I've been looking into Baofengs latest release, the UV-5X and seeing if it's really worth getting. It is nicely styled and meant to be an updated version of the UV-5R. After reading the specs I can't help but think this is just a UV-5R or GT-3 in a new case yet again.

It doesn't appear to have any new features whatsoever on the technical side. Dual watch feature seems to be heavily advertised but the GT-3 has it. The shell is different and I'm not sure I like the VFO/MR and A/B buttons positioned sideways at all. It doesn't even seem to feature the extra higher power option of 8 watts.


- Frequency Range: VHF 136-174 MHz (Rx/Tx). UHF 400-520MHz (Rx/Tx). 
- FM Radio: 65MHz ~ 108MHz (Only commercial FM radio reception)
- Memory channels: Up to 128 channels
- Frequency stability: 2.5ppm
- Frequency step: 2.5KHz/5KHz/6.25KHz/10KHz/12.5KHz/25KHz
- Antenna impedance: 50Ω
- Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
- Supply voltage: Rechargeable Lithium-ion 7.4V/1800mAh
- Consumption in standby: ≤ 75mA
- Consumption in reception: 380mA
- Consumption in transmission: ≤ 1.4A
- Mode of Operation: Simple or semi-duplex
- Duty cycle: 03/03/54 min (Rx/Tx/Standby)
- Dimension: 110x58x33 mm
- Weight: 222g (included battery+ antenna)

- RF power: 4W/1W
- Type of modulation: FM
- Emission class: 16kΦF3E / 11kΦF3E (W/N)
- Maximum deviation: ≤ ±5kHz / ≤ ±2.5kHz(W/N)
- Spurious emissions: <-60dB

- Receiver sensitivity: 0.2uV(at 12dB SINAD)
- Intermodulation: 60dB
- Audio Output: 1000mW
- Adjacent channel selectivity: 65/60dB

Power Adapter:
- Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz; Output: DC10V/500mA. Plug Type: US

Package contents:
1x BAOFENG UV-5X FM Two-Way Radio Body (One 7.4V/1800mAh Battery included)
1x Antenna
1x Power Adapter
1x Belt Clip
1x Battery Charger
1x Earpiece
1x Hand Strap
1x User Manual

Another new 'feature' is the suggestion that the radio is waterproof. Let me assure you this is not the case at all. Water can slip between the battery and the radio and in all other gaps on the radio. It may be shower/mist proof but definitely not waterproof as you'll see another radio amateur found out in a video I'll include at the end of this post.

He completely submerses the radio in water and it dies instantly. I know there is a difference between waterproof and submersible but I can imagine it'd be easy for some people to mistake the two and try submersing their radio in water assuming it'll be ok. There is no sign of a rubber gasket to seal the radio like on some of the submersible handhelds on the market and water will get inside through the speaker, microphone and the screen.

Lastly the radio is supposed to be resistant to extreme pressure. The radio can sustain being run over by a car tyre but so can the UV-5R. This is due to being such a small product with a hard plastic casing that is filled to the rafters with components that help spread weight evenly over the radio. Secondly, most of the weight of the car is supported by the other 3 tyres so it is not surprising that it will survive being run over however I wouldn't recommend.

Video by Amateur radio on YouTube:

So all in all nothing really new here from Baofeng.

Thanks for reading!

73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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