Monday, January 5, 2015

Strange Mast/Radome Up Werneth Low

Whilst up Werneth Low near Hyde today testing my Baofeng GT-5, I came across a strange looking radio mast that I've never seen before. Nor have I ever seen anything like it. It is hidden away in the grounds of Hyde Cricket Club. It has 5 evenly spaced, vertical dipoles in a hexagonal shape around it, a sort of reference antenna above those and a small radome type housing on the top in green.

The mast is around 20-25ft tall and is situated in a fenced off compound with barbed wire on the top which also contains a small utility hut for the transmitter that uses the antennas. Could it be something to do with the approach to Manchester Airport? Aircraft turn in from both directions overhead Werneth Low which is right on the flight path. Click the photos below to enlarge:

If it is indeed aviation related it is certainly an unusual setup. I've asked around on various radio forums and websites to find an answer so hopefully the mystery will be solved soon! I've also included a couple of aerial shots which show the mast when enlarged by clicking.

Thanks for reading,

73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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