Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chinese Radio Accessories - Speaker Microphones

One of the things I love about the Chinese handheld radios is that there is no shortage of accessories at incredible prices. Most of them seem to be of decent quality too. I've tried a few speaker microphones for my Baofeng and Wouxun radios and they all cost between £3 and £8. They're not amazing on audio quality but for making a decent radio contact they're great.

I picked up the two mics above first and the one on the left is ok but the click is very loud and the audio quality seems a bit muffled. It works though and it works well however it is almost as big as the Baofeng UV-5R. I paid around £3.50 for it on eBay so nothing lost there. The one on the right is a bit of an upgraded version which has a socket underneath for a speaker. It is a nicer design, slightly smaller and features a TX activated LED. That one cost around £4.50 on eBay.

The microphone on the above left I picked up for my Wouxun KG-UV8D and I think is identical inside to the newer Baofeng mic. Again audio quality is ok and it does the job. I think I paid around £8 for it. The one on the right is a relatively new microphone which features dual PTT for the UV-82 and GT-5. This one cost £5 on eBay and is decent quality. The unit is extremely small which is nice for using with a handheld radio.

All the microphones above are really good and I'd recommend them all for the price. Do you use any of them? Let me know your thoughts!

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73's, Lewis M3HHY.

Manchester, UK.

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