Sunday, November 23, 2014

Eurosonic ES-7N | 2 Channel Handheld CB

I bought some of these old Eurosonic ES-7N 2 channel handheld CB radios off eBay recently so I thought I'd share my thoughts. There is no information on Google search about these radios so I have limited knowledge on them.

As I said, these are handheld CB's that support 2 channels (14 and 31) from a slide switch on the front. The output power is only 1 watt from 6 AA cells so not amazing but I only paid around £20 delivered for the 3 radios. The antenna is a telescopic which is about 60cm long. 

I got mine from eBay but these were originally sold in the UK by Tandy for around £25 each. I think they date from the early 1990's. They are all in immaculate condition with relatively no wear at all.

The back serial number plates still have their clear protective plastic on them. I put in the 6 AA batteries and was pleased to see they all turned on and transmitted no problems. 

The audio quality is quite clear on the radios and I have yet to do a local range test. One bad thing about them is the IF filtering as there is hardly any rejection of the other 38 CB channels so if anybody else is on their radio nearby, the receiver will go quiet.

The on/off knob is on the top of the radio next to the squelch knob. On the left side is the PTT switch and on the right is a hand strap and charger port for using with rechargeable batteries or mains power.

The back plate is held on with 4 screws and has a plate with the model number, specs and serial number. Underneath is the battery compartment which takes the 6AA batteries used to power them. 

All in all a nice little radio which is ideal for camping, outdoors and great for kids to mess about with. That's if you trust letting them hear some of the stuff that goes on on CB radio! Do you have one? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

73's, Lewis M3HHY.
Manchester, UK.